Morocco prepares for the SATUC World Cup 2020 in Tiznit

Officials of the Moroccan province of Tiznit got in touch with Sheikha Al Thani, head of the SATUC Foundation, during the second meeting held on 9th January 2020 in the governor’s offices, in order to discuss matters related to the hosting the third edition of the SATUC World Cup, which is organised by the Foundation since 2015. The event will be held in Tiznit in April 2020.

The meeting was attended by the governor of Tiznit, Mr Hassan Khalil; Abdullah Ghazi, President of the Regional Council; Aziz Bouderbala, former Moroccan football star and considered one of the best 200 African soccer players of the past fifty years; Mohamed Bouderbal, head of the social department in the region, as well as Abdullah Amari, sponsor of the World Cup SATUC 2020.

The attendants discussed matters related to the organisation of the tournament, both in relation to the children, their reception and accommodation, which will be the best in the province. There’s a great deal of expectations among all the people involved in the event to fulfil this humanitarian mission. The attendants discussed the infrastructure and the stadiums that will host the championship. The organising committees of the event also discussed with SATUC officials issues related to the guests who will attend in the championship, in order to support the orphaned children.

Sheikha Al Thani had already been in touch with officials in Tiznit in order to discuss the arrangements that have been made so far for the hosting of the tournament, and on issues related to the best way to provide comfort for orphaned children. This is the responsibility of the local officials in Tiznit. They are making great efforts to bring out the event to the best of their ability, in order to help orphans.

Sheikha Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SATUC Foundation, has a cooperation agreement with the city council of Tiznit, which requires that the Moroccan city hosts the third edition of the SATUC World Cup organised by the SATUC Charity since 2015.

The two parties agreed on the provisions of the protocol, which include the foundations for the cooperation between the two parties in organising the championship and to create an appropriate environment for the happiness of orphaned and disadvantaged children.

Morocco is called “The Land of Love and Peace”, which is one the reasons why the Foundation is hosting the SATUC World Cup there. Morocco is full of natural beauty, ancient historical sites, and welcoming people. This will add to the desire to host an exciting tournament, that will benefit not only orphaned and disadvantaged but also the organising team and the array of important guests who will attend this event.

The 2020 SATUC World Cup will help write a new chapter in the Foundation’s history of humanitarian achievements and in its commitment to help vulnerable children all over the world.

The protocol intends to overcome the difficulties faced by orphaned and disadvantaged children. Through the noble humanitarian actions carried out by the SATUC Foundation, the ambition is to put a smile on the faces of disadvantaged children, by organising the SACTU World Cup. It was agreed by the two parties to set a framework for strategic and lasting cooperation in order to intensify and strengthen efforts to improve the conditions of orphaned children.



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